The Labour leader in Dublin to talk Brexit with the Irish Taoiseach (Irish PM). Happy to sign his guestbook, but unwilling to put his name down, unequivocally, for a second referendum.

We don’t back rerun of of 2016, that happened, that’s gone. What I do say, is if parliament comes to an agreement then it’s reasonable, if parliament wishes it, there should be a public vote on it. But that is some way off. Our first priority would be actually a general election.

That is unlikely to loosen the pressure as more Labour MPs tell him a public vote is their only route to power.

This is not a time for ifs and buts, and putting caviats and conditions. The electorate sent us a very clear message. WIth labour voted to do it to get them those European Elections (hij spreekt hier onduidelijk, je mag deze zin skippen)....and in the local elections. They want to see us take a decisive position in support of putting this back to the people. 

It's not just Labour MPs running out of patience. ITV News understands that Cherie Blair, the wife of the former Prime Minister Tony Blair, and still a Labour member voted for the Liberal Democrats in last week's EU elections. The latest high profile Labour figure to condemn the party's Brexit policy.