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Comedian, and also a transvestite. He is definitely not an athlete. But on July 27th 2009 , at 47 years of age, Eddie decided to go for a run. A very long run. His aim; to cover over a thousand brutal miles around the United Kingdom,  an incredible Sport Relief challenge.

I ain’t (I am not) just some bozo who’s saying I’m gonna (going to) do this and started running a couple of weeks ago. I’ve run before, mainly for buses.

He will run through England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. A marathon a day, six days a week, for eight weeks. Trailed by his own ice cream van, he’ll (he will) encourage the nation to donate and run with him.

I’m interested in people, it’s hopefully an adventure that can be fun. But with little training, experience or preparation, this truly is a lunatic adventure.

You carry on running, you might not even make it to the last day. One man’s mad struggle to run some of Britain’s toughest terrain.