I, I suppose this might be a first for you as well. Well in the forest? A talk show in the forest. Yeah, that’s for sure. I, you know, I tried to find the perfect compromise, so, sort of wilderness, and sort of studio. The wilderness is for you, the studio is for me.

My, it’s a very nice place to be. There’s nothing like trees, really. And in the middle of a city they’re even more precious.

What would you say is your favourite place on Earth?

Home. Er, wherever that may be. But home, yes. (some stammer) … . Apart from home, Europe, because, you know, I don’t enjoy, here I am, in Scandinavia, I should be saying it’s wonderful to be cold.

But ehm, I don’t enjoy the cold, particularly, I mean, it’s bracing (verkwikkend) to a degree, but eh, I don’t enjoy being frozen stiff. I mean, I’ve been to both the North Pole and the South Pole, and em, it’s a relief to come out from those temperatures as far as I’m concerned.

But equally I don’t like it being boiling hot either, so, Europe is pretty good, to me.